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to celebrate the joyous journey of parenthood


Welcome to the enchanting world of baby expos, where families, expectant parents, and industry professionals come together to celebrate the joyous journey of parenthood. From the latest in innovative baby gear to expert-led workshops, baby expos offer a treasure trove of resources, education, and fun for parents navigating the early years of child-rearing. Discover, connect, and be inspired as you explore a vibrant showcase of products and services designed to enrich the lives of little ones and those who love them. Whether you’re preparing for your bundle of joy or seeking the best for your toddler, baby expos are the perfect destination to find all you need for the magical adventure ahead.

Why visit a Baby EXPO?



Australia’s largest and the world’s longest-running early parenting event. It connects leading brands and experts with new Australian families, offering a high-quality, educational, and information-rich experience. The expo features expert advice, showcases the latest innovations in parenting products, and provides a comfortable environment for families to explore and learn.

Annual Expos: There are 12 expos held around Australia annually.

Expert Talks and Classes: Visitors can attend free talks and classes from resident midwives and parenting professionals.

Pram Test Track: The expo includes a Pram Test Track where you can push, park, and compare Australia’s largest range of pram brands.

We are also proud to share that

SKIPPY Lusso pram

(previously known as Baccani Lusso) has been one of the best sellers at the PBC Expos in Sydney and Melbourne in the past years.

Many happy parents have purchased or won free prams and baby gear just by visitng our stall throughout the day at these expos. SKIPPY Prams have a high demand at these expos as parents are able to touch, test and compare our products among other favourites! And a SKIPPY Prams has never dissapointed.

SKIPPY Prams is currently conducting private, invite-only demo days for groups of mums and dads across Australian suburbs. We will be back at the PBC expo from 2025, and we’re excited to bring our winning products to you then.


One Fine Baby Expo

A stylish and must-visit event for all things pregnancy and baby in Australia. Here’s what you can expect:

Sydney Expo: Scheduled for 13 + 14 July, 2024, at the ICC Sydney, this expo is a free event that brings together over 100 boutique brands specializing in pregnancy, maternity, baby, and toddler products.

Melbourne Expo: Taking place on 7 + 8 September, 2024, at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Melbourne, this expo is also free to attend.

Missed a Baby expo?

No worries! Come join us at our lively Skippy Demo Days

A real-life pram experience in your locality! 

This isn't just any ordinary expo! This is where we bring the pram test track directly to YOUR local area, because we believe a true outdoor experience is the real deal!

Want to Know More?

about our skippy demo day