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our pram has it all

make your outings with your kids easier and more fun

our pram has it all

Versatility like no other

Customized to suit any situation

Versatility like no other

pram that fits them all!

Grow with your family

keeping your bub safe and secure

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The Aussie way of strolling isn't just an ordinary walk. Here in the land down under, we like what's skippin'!

We promise to deliver just what an Aussie parent needs. So we've designed SKIPPY prams on local soil with years of perfecting. What's more, millions of local parent feedback has been adopted and lives in all odds and ends of our prams.

We let people do the talking

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The best double pram

This double pram is a top choice for parents with its excellent design and build quality, outstanding functionality, comfortable seating arrangement for two, adjustable sun protection canopy, and generous storage space, making it perfect for shopping trips. Its reassuring safety features and convenient foldability add to its appeal, and I can recommend it highly enough for families looking for a versatile and reliable double pram.



Perfect pram for 2 babies!!

My partner and I love our Baccani pram.
It's super easy to fold up and pop in the boot. The seat and bassinet simply click on and off so it's easy to assemble and disassemble.
The storage space is perfect for throwing my groceries in and best of all, my eldest loves being at the front and sitting up high cos he can 'see the world'.. The pram is easy to maneuver as well, unlike a lot of double prams..



This pram is my only favourite!!

No pram compares to the lusso double!
I absolutely love the HUGE basket at the bottom, it made my solo hospital trip the other day so easy with my baby as all my bags fitted in the basket. I also love the single to double mode when I only have one kid, which happens regularly as my eldest goes to his grandparents house. Its so easy to fold up and even easier to open up the pram. It comes with a white & a black seat cover which is great when ones in the washing machine and it comes with so many accessories!!



What better place to trial your pram than the comfort of your very own home. Try for 30 days!

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The Aussie way of strolling

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