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A Practical Test for Active Families

SKIPPY Pram Demo Day in Rouse Hill

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Rouse Hill, Sydney—On June 30th, parents gathered eagerly for the SKIPPY Pram Demo Day, an exclusive event aimed at providing a hands-on experience with SKIPPY prams in real outdoor conditions.Organized through registration on the SKIPPY Prams website, the event promised a departure from traditional showroom visits. 

"I appreciated being able to test thepram on different surfaces," remarked Emily, a participant. "It gaveme a better feel for how it would handle in everyday situations."

The event kicked off with

introductions from SKIPPY Prams representatives

highlighting the pram's features designedfor active families. "We're excited to see so many families here,"said Jaime, event co-ordinator at SKIPPY Prams. "Our goal is to provideprams that meet the needs of parents who enjoy outdoor adventures with theirkids."

Parents wasted no time putting the pramsthrough their paces, navigating Rouse Hill's demo location’s varied terrain."The pram felt sturdy yet manoeuvrable," noted David, anotherattendee. "It handled grass and uneven paths well, which is important forour family outings."

Throughout the day, parents exchanged practical insights and feedback. "Events like these are really helpful," said Sarah, a local resident. "Testing the pram in real-life conditions makes a big difference in making a decision."

Skippy Day Highlights

The success of the SKIPPY Pram Demo Dayunderscored the appeal for family-focused events such as this which allowedreal-life pram trials. With plans to expand similar demos across Sydney,Melbourne, Adelaide, and the ACT, SKIPPY Prams aims to empower more parentswith firsthand experiences to inform their pram choices.

If you’re still looking to participate in a pram demo, you can sign up for an alternative suburb near you.

Can't find a demo day close to you? Not a problem! You can now try out our free 30 day home trial, and test our pram in your very own home.