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Article: Unlocking Pram Wisdom: Debunking Myths for Smart Choices!

Unlocking Pram Wisdom: Debunking Myths for Smart Choices! - SKIPPY PRAMS

Unlocking Pram Wisdom: Debunking Myths for Smart Choices!

Choosing the perfect pram for your newborn is a monumental decision. Imagine effortlessly gliding through life, your little one comfortably nestled in their stroller. No wrestling matches in parking lots, no back strain from lifting a heavy pram, and no grocery Tetris in your car trunk. Sounds like a dream, right?

But beware! Pram myths abound, and they can lead you astray. Let’s unravel these misconceptions and guide you toward pram enlightenment:


Myth 1: Newborns Must Lay Flat All the Time

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no strict rule or law in Australia that mandates newborns to lie flat in a pram. In fact, it’s generally recommended to have them slightly inclined with head support. Skippy Pram ensures comfort and safety for your little one, allowing gentle incline positions.


Myth 2: Pram Bassinets Can’t Be Used Overnight





While some strollers limit overnight use, Skippy Pram’s bassinet is thoughtfully designed for safe sleep. With proper ventilation mesh and breathable mattresses, it’s suitable for overnight rest. Plus, you can easily transfer the bassinet from the pram to a customized stand.


Myth 3: Small Prams Are Inadequate


Skippy Pram recognizes individual needs. If you’re a frequent traveler or need a compact solution, the Skippy Strada is perfect. It fits in airline cabins without compromising on comfort or safety.


Myth 4: Three-Wheeled Prams Are Only for Jogging





Yes, three-wheelers exist, but not all of them are meant for jogging or running. A genuine jogging stroller is purpose-built. It won’t wobble when you pick up speed. Features include a standard park brake, a hand brake, large wheels, unique bearings, and extra safety measures. Special suspension ensures a smooth ride even at high speeds, with a sturdy frame to match.


The “3 Wheel Jogger” Label: Aesthetic vs. Functionality

Beware! Not every three-wheel pram is suitable for jogging. Using a non-jogging three-wheeler during your run can be risky. Retailers and manufacturers often use the term “3 wheel jogger” for looks, not functionality.


Myth 5: Only Expensive Prams Are Safe and Practical

While more expensive prams may offer additional features, safety and practicality are not exclusive to high price tags. Skippy Pram proves that quality need not break the bank. Our range includes strollers and prams that combine outstanding quality, reasonable pricing, and exceptional utility.


Choosing the Right Pram: Tailoring to Your Needs





Recognize that everyone’s lifestyle and circumstances differ. Don’t rely solely on friends or family members; their experiences won’t necessarily match yours. Consider factors like car boot space, budget, and individual preferences.

Seek advice  directly from Skippy Pram. Our experienced product professionals understand diverse needs and can guide you toward the ideal pram for your specific requirements.


Skippy Pram: Designed for Australian Parents





Skippy Pram prioritizes the needs of Australian parents. We’ve gained insights by engaging with families and understanding their unique situations.

Remember, when it comes to prams, choose wisely based on your needs. Safety and practicality matter more than aesthetics! 🏃‍♀️🌟

Explore our range! We’re here to address any questions and help you make an informed choice.

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